Pride Through the Lens: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love” will be a celebration of the diverse and powerful identities within the LGBTQ+ community, offering an intimate look into the lives and experiences of individuals and groups, brought to life through the eyes of a range of talented photographers, each bringing their own unique perspective from the community themselves. 


Curated by Alisa Lisovskaia, art’otel’s newly-appointed Art & Cultural Programme Manager, the programme will feature work from acclaimed artists such as Joel Rodriguez, Arjan Spannenburg, Ernst Coppejans, Grace Pickering, and Aimee McGhee; each image tells a story of identity, resilience, love, and joy, inviting viewers to celebrate and reflect on the rich tapestry of queer life. 


The exhibition of both commissioned works and archive collections will kick off in the newly launched art’otel London Hoxton on Friday 21st June before travelling to art’otel London Battersea, art’otel Amsterdam, art’otel Berlin, art’otel Cologne and art’otel Zagreb throughout June, July and August. Vibrant opening parties, artist talks and other events will also accompany exhibitions across London and Amsterdam, as well as supplementary activities online and on @artotel social media to platform artists from art’otel’s upcoming destination Rome. See the full schedule below.


In an effort to honour the past, celebrate the present, and inspire a future of inclusivity and love, with this brand wide programme, art’otel enhances its reputation as a forward-thinking, culturally engaged brand that puts its guests and surrounding communities first. By hosting the programme across Europe, the brand forges meaningful connections across oceans and brings the LGBTQ+ community and allies together through the powerful medium of art. With hotels that bring art, design, gastronomy & communities together across Europe, spend the summer with art’otel and experience this wonderful exhibition come to life.


This project is underpinned by a desire to give creatives within the community a platform through art, and support chosen causes across European destinations through artwork sales by select artists, where art’otel contributes its share of proceeds to these causes. Guests are also encouraged to donate to such causes in hotel and via website.


Exhibitions within Pride Through the Lens 


Celebrating Joy in Resistance by Joel Rodriguez  
Joel Rodriguez is a renowned commercial and editorial portrait photographer who produces work that highlights the diverse stories of triumph and struggle within the queer community. He places attention on light and colour, resulting in striking and resonating images. His exhibition during “Pride Through the Lens” focuses on the resilience and activism within the queer community, portraying the social and political resistance that has shaped LGBTQ+ identities and the solidarity it has fostered. The photographs will delve into the personal stories intertwined with historical changes and ongoing struggles for equality, capturing moments of defiance and unity. This exhibition will feature across art’otels in London, Amsterdam & Cologne.  

Exploration of identity by Arjan Spannenburg
Focusing on the search for identity and self-expression, Arjan Spannenburg invites viewers to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery through his introspective work. His exhibition at “Pride Through the Lens” is dedicated to capturing a raw yet tender glimpse into the lives of LGBTQ adolescents at a pivotal and uncertain time. Through his lens, we see individuals whose silent plea for support, understanding, and love resonates profoundly with viewers, inviting them to contemplate the balance between vulnerability and self-expression, especially in the context of exploring and affirming their sexual and gender identities. This exhibition will feature across art’otels in London, Amsterdam & Berlin. 

A look through by Ernst Coppejans  
As a portrait and documentary photographer, Ernst Coppejans uses his art to address discrimination, exclusion, and prejudice. His work, infused with personal resonance, showcases the resilience and diversity of marginalised communities.Currently he has an exhibition on display in New York City delving into the lives of unhoused queer youth in the city, an often forgotten subculture. Through authentic and vibrant portraits, Ernst fosters empathetic conversations and inspires positive change. His exhibition at “Pride Through the Lens” features Coppejans’ powerful portraits of LGBTQ+ couples and individuals, offering a deeply personal and resonant exploration of identity, love, and resilience. By capturing the essence of LGBTQ+ lives, the photographer aims to challenge preconceived notions, disrupt complacency, and ignite a spirit of unity and progress. His work serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty in diversity and the strength found in vulnerability. This exhibition will feature across art’otels in Amsterdam & Zagreb. 

A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love by Ernst Coppejans, Arjan Spannenburg and Joel Rodriguez  
The largest exhibition of the “Pride Through the Lens” series will take place in Amsterdam where Rodriguez, Spannenburg and Coppejans come together in a group show that examines the intersection of marginalised ethnic cultures and queerness, highlighting the multifaceted nature of identity within the LGBTQ+ community. The photographers offer a nuanced look at how cultural backgrounds influence and enrich LGBTQ+ experiences. This exhibition will come together for a group show at art’otel Amsterdam.

Exploration of identity by Grace Pickering
Grace Pickering is a non-binary photographer and director, currently focusing on a short film about Trans men and masc Non-Binary individuals. Grace’s photography is a powerful exploration of identity and experience within the queer community. The exhibition at “Pride Through the Lens” challenges the myths of gender and the ways in which individuals present themselves to the world. This narrative includes powerful portraits of those who defy traditional gender norms. This exhibition will feature at art’otel London Hoxton. 

Queer Nightlife by Aimee McGhee  
Aimee McGhee is celebrated for her dynamic images of London’s queer nightlife, capturing the vibrant energy and diverse spirit of the city’s LGBTQ+ scene. Her expert retouching and ability to highlight the beauty in each individual make her work a compelling tribute to the people and culture of queer club life. Her exhibition for “Pride Through the Lens” explores the vibrant subcultures within queer nightlife, from ballroom and drag culture to leather bars and underground scenes celebrating the spaces where LGBTQ+ individuals find joy, expression, and a sense of belonging. This exhibition will feature at art’otel London Hoxton.

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